Thursday, March 3, 2011

UFO #1: Nauvoo Temple Cross-Stitch

Here's my first finished project for the month!



*Wow! Its amazing to look at the before and afters! I was never sure this would end well before the detail backstitching was in!*
Getting it framed will be another project (maybe someone should host a "get it framed and on the wall" challenege. I can't tell you how much stuff I have that needs frames...).

This was a UFO for nearly 8 years. I don't remember when I started it exactly, but I was 20 and in Nauvoo when I bought it and I'm pretty sure I started it around that same time (I must have been tired of crocheting). 8 YEARS!

It took me maybe 10 hours to finish it. I worked on it during prime time TV mostly. Made me feel less useless during that time... haha! Looking at the picture I realize that I forgot the put the words in at the bottom... I'll do that during Grey's tonight.

What have you been working on? Happy finishing!


Emily said...

I've started my UFO list, and now I have one more thing to add to it, thanks for reminding me :P

I finished that same cross-stich in Nauvoo, but it has been stuck away all those years waiting to be framed or otherwise displayable. I wonder where it is...

Barbaloot said...

It makes me sad to think it's really been 8 years! How is that possible?

Kate said...

Beautiful job Rosie! It looks great.