Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just in case you are wondering...

1) Yes, we are still alive. We made it safely through our move and are settling into a new routine pretty quickly. Allison's having a little bit of a rough transition, but really, not too bad considering how upside down her life just got turned.

2) No, we did not wreck our 24 foot moving truck. We did inflict minor damage to it and we did pay $34 to fix a Provo City street sign, but otherwise nothing is worse for the wear.

3) Yes... every muscle in my body and Brian's body aches. I never want to move again. Sadly, seeing as we're currently living with my parents, we'll be moving again at some future date. Then again, some of my aching muscles could be caused the the Zumba class I went to with my mom yesterday (WOW, FUN!)

I'll post again when I have the mental capabilites to figure out something worth posting...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Its an illness...

I've come to terms with the fact that I have an illness... its ODAD.

Obsessive Diaper Accumulation Disorder.

Yep. Diapers. Its almost like I collect them. You'd think that, given the fact that I have 3 unopened mega packs in the house, I wouldn't feel the pull to buy more. But thats just not the case. Yesterday I bought 2 more boxes of Pampers. I had to... my awesome $4 off a box of Pampers coupons were expiring yesterday. I firmly believe that letting a great coupon like that expire could cause me mortal harm. So 2 more boxes I bought... and they were a great deal (about 10 cents a diaper, if you must know).

For now, we're allowing this problem to go untreated. We'll look into getting some help if it persists once I have no more kids in diapers.