Saturday, October 15, 2011

Carter's Post-bath conversation with Dad

Dad: Whoever can be a good listener will get to have story and songs before bedtime!

Carter: *no response*

Dad: Carter, time to get out of the bath!

Carter: *no response*

Dad: Okay Carter... I guess no story tonight.

Carter: *no response*

Dad: Okay Carter, I guess no songs tonight either.

Carter: *no response*

Dad: Okay Carter, no story, no songs AND daddy puts you to bed!

Carter: *crying* NO!!!!!!

Think the kid's a momma's boy? :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Paraphrase Dr Suess

Mom is sad.

Very, very sad.

She had a bad day.

What a day mom had.

It ended with me texting Brian, then locking myself in the quietest place I could find (my very small closet) and daydreaming of a one-way plane ticket anywhere. And admitting to myself how insanely jealous I am of my husband's life.

I've reconsidered this mommy thing... is it too late to change career paths?

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Beacuse I firmly believe that I'm not fully doing my job as a parent if I'm not collecting plenty of embarassing material to use on my children in 15 or 20 years...

Doesn't Carter make a pretty princess? :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For starters, what happened to September? Out here in NY September seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis (it thought it was July... 85 in September is just unacceptable!), and then it was just over. We did manage to do a few things around here, however.

First, I got my house mostly deep cleaned. I never did manage to tackle a major mop of the floors, and the master bed and beth got generally neglected. But the rest of the house did get a nice clean. And I managed to get Carter's room painted, with Brian's help. I'll take pictures of both kid's rooms when they are (hopefully) completely done later this month. I didn't get my craft room (aka the girls' new shared room) painted, but the color is picked and I think Brian and I might tackle that one this next weekend or on Coloumbus day (which he has off... silliest holiday ever). So, yay for goals mostly getting done!

I took the kids apple-picking again this year, which they thouroughly enjoyed. I can't believe how big they've gotten in a year.

And I potty-trained Carter this month. Yes... I am that crazy mother who decided to potty-train her 2 and half year old. But he was ready, and he took right to it. He is largely accident-free and will tell me when he needs to go... I'd call that venture a success. And now I have a few months of no diapers!

I finished a few sewing projects for Allison: a jumper using Manhatten fabric (pattern is Simplicity 2574 ) and a fleece jacket (McCalls 6430). The jumper is cute, but too big. The little jacket is about perfect, and fills a gap in her fall/winter wardrobe too!

I got inspired about our living room, and how have a whole vision for a make-over. Its involves a different furniture arrangement, new couches, and a new TV, and a new cabinet to hold our DVDs and components. Apparently I don't get inexpensive inspiration, so for now I'll go with a new paint color, slipcovers and maybe a TV on Black Friday. Do you think Black Friday could put me into labor? Becuase that would be kind of awesome.

I love this pallete for the living room, except without the dark greys, and add in cranberry. My carpet is cranberry, I'm going to go a light grey-beige on the walls, chocolate slipcovers on the couches and light blue and green accents. Still hunting for the perfect fabric for window treatments to pull it all together.

What did you do this September? And what are your plans for October?

My October? Paint the girls' room. Finish projects to finish the kids' rooms (roman shades, theme-y painted canvases and bean bag chairs, off the top of my head... I know there are more!). Paint the living room. And halls and stairwell. And I should probably get started on Christmas sewing and crafting projects... hopefully the nesting instinct kicks in hard. :)