Saturday, October 8, 2011


Beacuse I firmly believe that I'm not fully doing my job as a parent if I'm not collecting plenty of embarassing material to use on my children in 15 or 20 years...

Doesn't Carter make a pretty princess? :)


Kate said...

So cute. Every once in a while, I'll notice the house is really quiet and Jimmie is missing. Where is he? I find him, having locked himself in Annabelle's room, trying on her princess dress ups. He always tells me "go back to the kitchen, mommy." Guess he knows about blackmail already and wants no part of it.

For the record, Carter is a darling princess.

chapfan said...

Nice!! We have a picture of James about the same age in a Strawberry Shortcake bathing suit and a pink cowgirl hat, complete with big purple feather. It is totally priceless! Carter will love you for this. :)