Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Candy

So, about a month ago I posted my 100th post. And in that post I suggested that maybe it was time for me to have my first blog give-away to celebrate. And since then I've been busy... maybe thats why I haven't posted in a month...

Anyway, this is actually now my 104th post, but here we finally are... BLOG CANDY (ie, a giveaway).

Post a comment and you'll be entered in the give-away! I'll be giving away a set of cards hand-made by me... probably 3"x3" cards... those are my favorite size to make and use. Maybe a box to match too.

Give-away will be open through Saturday, January 31st. I'll draw a winner early next week. =)

Long time, no blog

Has it really been a whole month already? Here's what we've been up to!

  • Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas together... Allison was so fun to watch. She loves her Tickle Me Elmo. Never thought I'd buy that toy...

  • Enjoyed a visit from Ben, Katie and Emma. Emma and Allison enjoyed playing together, as long as the other respected the sanctity of their respective teddy bears.

  • Created lots of stuff... you'll have to see my other blog for that.
  • Spent lots of time watching Beauty and the Beast. It's Allison's favorite movie.
  • Found some steals of deals for both Allison and baby brother at a really great sale at Kid-to-Kid.
  • Got bigger... only 8 more weeks of pregnancy to go! Allison also learned where baby brother is. By the way, I REALLY hate have pregnancy photos taken... probably becuase whenever I'm pregnant I never manage to get my hair cut often enough...

  • Discovered the pigtails are both possible and cute.

  • Tossed around some baby boy names (and ruled our far more than we decided might be okay)

  • Read lots and LOTS of books... including a daily "reading" of the new nursury manual to find all the pictures of Jesus.

  • Sent Allison to Nursury!!! We're all in love with that occurance.
  • Turned 26.

So now we're updated. On with life.