Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long time, no blog

Has it really been a whole month already? Here's what we've been up to!

  • Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas together... Allison was so fun to watch. She loves her Tickle Me Elmo. Never thought I'd buy that toy...

  • Enjoyed a visit from Ben, Katie and Emma. Emma and Allison enjoyed playing together, as long as the other respected the sanctity of their respective teddy bears.

  • Created lots of stuff... you'll have to see my other blog for that.
  • Spent lots of time watching Beauty and the Beast. It's Allison's favorite movie.
  • Found some steals of deals for both Allison and baby brother at a really great sale at Kid-to-Kid.
  • Got bigger... only 8 more weeks of pregnancy to go! Allison also learned where baby brother is. By the way, I REALLY hate have pregnancy photos taken... probably becuase whenever I'm pregnant I never manage to get my hair cut often enough...

  • Discovered the pigtails are both possible and cute.

  • Tossed around some baby boy names (and ruled our far more than we decided might be okay)

  • Read lots and LOTS of books... including a daily "reading" of the new nursury manual to find all the pictures of Jesus.

  • Sent Allison to Nursury!!! We're all in love with that occurance.
  • Turned 26.

So now we're updated. On with life.


Bonnie Parks said...

Love the update. Lends itself well to comments because there are so many different tidbits to talk about.

Wow! Only 8 more weeks! That's awesome! To me, that sounds really close. Maybe that's because I still have 18 1/2 more weeks. (That sounded better than 19.) Also, can totally relate to NOT being able to figure out what to name babies. I think it's SO hard! And I'm having another girl. (That's our big news by the way.) I think girls' names are easier, but we still have no idea.

We likewise discovered recently that pigtails are possible and cute on Amy. Allison looks darling.

And it SO EXCITING for you that Allison is in nursery! I can't help but be thrilled for people when I hear that news. Four Sundays in February - Amy's with me. First Sunday in March - NURSERY!!!!!! Yeah, we can't wait. Matt said he used to kind of think it was mean of parents to say they couldn't wait for their kids to go to nursery - don't they like their kids. Now he sees the light. Of course you like your kid. That's part of why you want them to go to nursery - so you will continue liking them. (Not to mention that nursery is so much more fun for toddlers than Sunday School and Priesthood or Relief Society.

So I don't know why I felt the need to say something about nearly everything you mentioned in this blog post, but it was really quite fun. Sorry for the rambling, and thanks for the update!

GRaSSE said...

Rosie you look fabulous. Great to hear from you!! Hang in there soon to be mama of 2!

The Thornocks said...

SO cute! Rosie, you look awesome. By this point I was greasy, wearing sweats all the time and just plain unnatractive. You're a hottie ;-)! I can't believe you're so close. I'm excited for ya!

Marc and Lori Johnson said...

I think that you are an adorable pregnant lady. I love Allison's pigtails and am happy that you can take her to nursery now. Thanks for the fun update. I need to do something like that on my blog soon! I am excited that you only have 8 weeks left! Yahoo!