Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinosaur Decor

Back in January or Feburary, I found this cute thing at Babies R Us for $4 on clearance.

Thought it was adorable and a steal, so I grabbed it for Carter's room, which I'd put exactly zero effort into decorating up till that point. In fact, up until last week I'd put zero effort in. I mean, I hadn't even put up the silly valance. But, after being inspired by (read: seeing and wanting to totally rip off)a nursury decor idea I saw at a baby shower, I put it up and got to work making these...

No, they're not on the walls yet, but they're done (okay... I guess they need saw-tooth picture hangers on the back, but they're cosmetically done). Aren't they cute? They're just those painted wood cut-outs that you can get at craft stores glued (with my brand-new, cheap, still-not-super-great hot glue gun) into some black dollar store frames backed with scrapbook paper. Cute, huh?

To glue the scrapbook paper down, I used come Elmers Craft Bond Glue Pen. I got a free sample of it as a Bzz Agent. It worked really well for putting down a thin layer all over the paper so that I could get a good firm hold that will stand up. The paper did bubble a little bit, but only where I got the glue on a little thick. Otherwise, I think the Craft Bond was a really great product for when you really need an all-over glue.

I'm not exactly sure if these will be the final arrangments, but its what I like right now.

Oh, and PS, I finally called the pediatrician and made appointments. And I think I can make the portrait appointments online. Score two for the check list. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things I just can't bring myself to do...

I've been keeping written to do lists for about 2 weeks now. They're all in a little notebook that I keep in my purse (until someone under the age or 4 relieves me of it, that is). Its been interesting and eye opening.

On one hand, it definantly helps me feel like I actually do accomplish things, at least sometimes. Being the stay-home mommy of two little often leaves me feeling like I never actually accomplish anything. See things in writing checked off as accomplished can help me feel less... useless? Not quite the right word, but it works...

I also find it interesting to see what is on the list day after day after day. Since I don't put down everyday things like "cook dinner" and "sweep the floor", I'm a little surprised to see three things on my to-do list that have been there since I started the list. Curious?

1) Call & make well-child appointments
2) Call & make kids portrait appointments
3) Do something creative
4) Call & changes newspaper subscription (okay, its 4, but this one has only been on the list since Monday).

Now, besides the be creative, which I never get to becuase I have too hard of a time justifying it during the day when so many other things need to get done and I'm often too tired at night to have enough brain power left for creativity, they all have one thing in common: the phone.

I hate the phone. Which, if you'd known me in junior high you'd probably find very strange. Maybe I'm making up for those years of phone overload. But really, I hate the phone. I nearly break out in hives when I think about phone calls that I have to make. Okay, not really, but I do strange things to avoid it. Like the dishes, which I never do at our house (becuase my husband's awesome like that). These calls should take me... 5 minutes total. And 10 days later, I still haven't done them.

Hopefully one of these days I'll get tired of copying them onto each new day's list and just get it over with already. And then I'll wonder why on earth I waited so long.


I tried to finish a decorating project up tonight. My dear, sweet, neglected Carter has never had an ounce of thought put into the decor of his room. Guess thats what happens when you're the 2nd kid and you have to sleep in the pack & play for 9 months becuase your parents can't bring themselves to kick your older sister out of the crib, and couldn't justify buying a 2nd one until it became PAINFULLY obvious to everyone in the household that, not only do you find that pack & play "matress" extremely uncomfortable, but sister's not giving up the goods anytime soon. And by not anytime soon, I mean not until sister finds the princess bed exactly 5 days after mom and dad finally cave and buy a 2nd crib (but thats another story entirely...).

Anyway, my poor neglected son is going to be getting some love in the form of cutifying his room. And I'm sure that he cares.

Problem is, I come to find out that my glue gun sucks. As in I can't glue the darn things on because by the time I've gotten enough glue on them (takes 10 seconds, tops), its already cooled and useless.

Guess I know how I'm spening my Hobby Lobby coupon this week.

Maybe you'll get to see my attempts at boy room cute tomorrow. Or something resembling tomorrow, anyway.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Carter has QUITE the vocabulary for the little tyke that he is. Here are some of the funny things we hear him say a lot

I did it!
I come! (as in, I want to come in the store, don't leave me in the car with daddy!)
I did the buckle! (on his carseat)
I want mouse
I want bear
I want book
I want that
I want milk
shoes... he's got a strange fascination with them
I want ball
basketball (he says it "bak-e-baw")
puppy (which is any and every animal)
candy (said Caaa-eeeee)
granola bar (said na-guh baw)
I go downstairs
stinky and poop (lovely... if only that was a sure sign of time to potty train...)
game (as in, computer games, that Allison has recently discovered and Carter feels he MUST get his fair turn at).
ride (in the laundry basket)
Ah-ice (his attempt at Allison)
Dane ni! (that's "Dang it!" And he uses it in correct context too...)

If you can't tell, the kid's quite a talker. And between him and Allison there are very few pieces of quiet for mommy to grasp at most days. *sigh* :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Allison's First Day

Allison started Joy School this week, which we're super excited about. I love having more structure to her week. This is just a quick picture I snapped before we left for her frist day last week. It was sharing day, and she was taking her teddy bear to share.

Isn't she cute? And when did she get so big?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Niagara Falls

Last week my parents flew in to come see us and we spent Friday at Niagara Falls. It was amazing! We took the Maid of the Mist boat tour and got soaked, but those photos are on my Dad's camera. In fact... most of the good picture are on his camera. I need a copy of those... hint, hint, Dad! Maybe they could find their way in downloadable form onto Pretty please?

Anyway, here are the best of the photos I DO have, which don't actually include my parents. But I promise, they did come.

Either way Niagara was amazing and I'm super glad we went, even if we have to make it a short day trip to accommodate two tired little kids.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Great NY State Fair

Brian and I took the kids to the NY State Fair last Saturday. Its held in Syracuse, so it made for a great day trip. We went opening weekend and it was SUPER crowded and crazy. But our choices were either opening or closing weekend (the fair only runs 12 days... what?!?), but we had fun. Here's a few photos:

Everyone's favorite part: the Shriner's circus put on in the kiddie area. It was great, even Carter was rivited every time an act came on. Allison's favorite part was watching the ariel gymnist who climbed the fabric for stunts. She spent her whole act just staring at her, eyes wide and mouth open. If you asked Allison what her favorite part of the fair was, she'll tell you that it was the circus, and the part the girl "climbed up so high on the fabric!"
Over all, I was acutally a little disappointed with the fair. Coming from my 4-H background, I really wanted to see some awesome 4-H non-animal exhibits (which we couldn't even find) and come stunning arts/crafts/sewing/quilting entries, which was housed in a TINY not-very-accessible building. Excluding quilts (several of which were displayed on blank walls) I think ALL of the sewing exhibited was shown in about 20 square feet of exhibit space. Now, maybe my point of view is skewed, becuase I knew the Pyuallup and Kitsap County fairs like the back of my hand, but I really didn't think that this fair had NEARLY as much in the way of non-animal exhibits as either of those fairs. Made me homesick in a way. On the bright side, what we did see and what was exhibited encouraged and and inspired both Brian and I to aim for having a few entries each for next year's fair.

Apple Picking

Brian's been out of town this week, so I've been trying to pack the kids' days with fun things to do to help them go by faster (for all of us!). And I've been having the hardest time finding a decent apple at the store around here, so we went to a local farm to do some apple picking. We were in luck, too: galas had just come in and they are DELICIOUS!!! It was a fun little farm. In addition to apples they had a cute little country store, several other crops for the picking through-out the year and a little petting zoo. The kids really had a great time. It was lots of fun. We'll probably go back later in the fall for pumpkins.

Love this picture. Carter spent most of the time walking around munching on a HUGE apple. I mean, does life get any better than eating your own yummy apple while exploring outside without mom nagging you to hold her hand? Carter doesn't seem to think so...

Feeding the goats. Carter kept his distance, becuase he did not want to share his apple with them (which is good... we had feed pellets for them). Allison thought feeding them was great.