Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Carter has QUITE the vocabulary for the little tyke that he is. Here are some of the funny things we hear him say a lot

I did it!
I come! (as in, I want to come in the store, don't leave me in the car with daddy!)
I did the buckle! (on his carseat)
I want mouse
I want bear
I want book
I want that
I want milk
shoes... he's got a strange fascination with them
I want ball
basketball (he says it "bak-e-baw")
puppy (which is any and every animal)
candy (said Caaa-eeeee)
granola bar (said na-guh baw)
I go downstairs
stinky and poop (lovely... if only that was a sure sign of time to potty train...)
game (as in, computer games, that Allison has recently discovered and Carter feels he MUST get his fair turn at).
ride (in the laundry basket)
Ah-ice (his attempt at Allison)
Dane ni! (that's "Dang it!" And he uses it in correct context too...)

If you can't tell, the kid's quite a talker. And between him and Allison there are very few pieces of quiet for mommy to grasp at most days. *sigh* :)


Kate said...

Oh how fun. I love the little baby pronunciations.

Annabelle does the same thing with puppy! When we were camping in July, I caught her chasing a daddy long legs squealing, "puppy, puppy! woof, woof, woof!" She does the same thing with ants in the back yard.

Marc and Lori Johnson said...

I love the cute little words that they first start using when they are learning to talk. It looks like Carter is a chatter box just like my boy Hyrum. So cute!

Becky said...

Today when I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor I said "Dang it" and laughed out loud thinking of Carter saying Dane Ni! I guess it is genetic...