Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I tried to finish a decorating project up tonight. My dear, sweet, neglected Carter has never had an ounce of thought put into the decor of his room. Guess thats what happens when you're the 2nd kid and you have to sleep in the pack & play for 9 months becuase your parents can't bring themselves to kick your older sister out of the crib, and couldn't justify buying a 2nd one until it became PAINFULLY obvious to everyone in the household that, not only do you find that pack & play "matress" extremely uncomfortable, but sister's not giving up the goods anytime soon. And by not anytime soon, I mean not until sister finds the princess bed exactly 5 days after mom and dad finally cave and buy a 2nd crib (but thats another story entirely...).

Anyway, my poor neglected son is going to be getting some love in the form of cutifying his room. And I'm sure that he cares.

Problem is, I come to find out that my glue gun sucks. As in I can't glue the darn things on because by the time I've gotten enough glue on them (takes 10 seconds, tops), its already cooled and useless.

Guess I know how I'm spening my Hobby Lobby coupon this week.

Maybe you'll get to see my attempts at boy room cute tomorrow. Or something resembling tomorrow, anyway.


Jamie said...

seriously rosie - we have the EXACT same life. I wished we lived by eachother so we could be everyday friends - becuase we are the EXACT same. almost every post you do - I could have been the one to write it. Noah was in a pack n play until he was... 16 months (beat ya) - and felt guilty everyday. I have those EXACT same things on my to-do list and they have been on them for over a month - and I just hate making the phone calls as well - and I already commented on your cleanin post - the same as well. I love you and keep up the good work - I am glad to know someone out there is fighting the good fight as well.

Emily said...

Ooooo, Hobby Lobby. I've never been, but I've heard it's a great store. There is one opening up sort of close to me next week :)

I hope you get a fabulous new glue gun and finish that project, mostly 'cuz I wanna see what you're up to!