Friday, March 11, 2011

Indecision Part 2

So I got some color samples... Brian and I picked 2 colors that we liked together and yesterday I tossed some more color squares on the walls (never mind that there are already THREE... Five is totally better, right?).

Here's what we ended up with...

Carter insisted on being in the picture (Want say cheese, Mommy!). While both colors are nice, the grey reads really far to the blue end... even almost purple in our space. And the pale creamy yellow I think is just too much of a non-color. So I started looking again and found a combination of two colors that I like and I think would be fine with the carpet, but the swatches are TINY, since its in one of those interior colors brochures. And they don't make chips for these colors in any other format. And, since I'm so sick of buying paint samples and FAILING with them ($12 in on paint I don't like already...), I went to Behr's website and played around with the colors I've been thinking about. Here's what it looks like.

This is obviously not my dining room, its one of Behr's sample rooms online (read: no paid subscription required). I picked this room because it has a chair rail like my room. And I would love to put beadboard up on the lower half of the wall someday. Anyway, the floor is an approximation of my carpet color (not too far off, right?) and I picked the trim color to approximate the current wood-toned trim in the house (which we will eventaually paint or replaced with white... another someday).

I figure that with this scheme its neutral while still being enough of a color to satify me. And when we get around to replacing the carpet I'll have more leeway to play with the colors from the light fixture in the accents of the room.

So... what do you think? How's it look?


Christie said...

I'm a fan. That carpet seems like such a hard color to work with- but that mock-up looks great. Go for it. I'm ready to see some before/after pics! :)

Vanessa said...

i love the contrast and love gray tones! yay!