Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aunt Emmy's Visit

No, not Hollywood's Emmy! OUR Emmy!

We were SO lucky to have my sweet sister Emily (known to the kids as Aunt Emmy) and her little boy Eli come visit us while her hubby David studied for and took a portion of his dental boards. I know you missed her, David, but we were super happy to steal her for a week! We had bunches of fun...

*Warning: Its possible that what follows could be considered "picture overload"... oh, and forgive the inconsistencies of the photos... still learning my pretty pretty new DSLR.*

We visited Palmyra (she'd never been!)

At the temple... 
 In the upper room of the Smith Log Cabin

 In the Sacred Grove

 On the way out of the grove...

We drove out to Niagara Falls (rode Maid of the Mist!)

 Can't tell you how happy I was to have a stroller capable of sticking 3 kids on it... but BOY was it HEAVY to push!

 Maid of the Mist observation tower on the American side

 Em and Eli ready to board!

 After the ride! I LOVE this picture. :)

Visited the Zoo (my kids were excited for the excuse to go, and our zoo is the perfect half-day size zoo)

 Checkin' out the bears...

 And the cute babies... 

 And the cousins!

How this for diva-tude? 

Witnessed some sweetness near the penguins... 

And some animal enthusiasm... 

We also spent days hanging around the house (letting babies recover from missed naps the previous day), priming my basement sewing room, she babysat my kiddos so Brian and I could get to the temple together (when's the last time that happened?).

All in all it was relaxed and fun to have her come visit us, and we were sad to see her go. Can't wait to see you again in January, Aunt Emmy!

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Kate said...

Picture overload? Not possible I say, i you have cute subjects. Looks like a great week.