Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Perils of Room Sharing

Our girls share a room. Its generally works out okay, except for in the early mornings. Lindsey usually wakes to nurse between 6 and 6:30. This is not when she is ready to be awake for the day. If I hear her in the morning, she'll eat then go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8 (my latest sleeper, but a LONG shot!). 

Problem is, Allison is an early riser. So when Lindsey wakes to eat, Allison is pretty close to the surface and wakes up too. Usually before I have heard Lindsey. Allison usually decided that Lindsey is awake for the day, turns on the lights and starts entertaining Linds, while I sleep a little longer. Which doesn't sound so bad when its put that way...

However, its makes for a tired baby. On Sunday a few weeks ago I came downstairs at 8:45 after getting ready for church to find this:

Totally conked out in her doorway jumper... which is one of her favorite things ever. It takes a whole lot of tired to fall asleep during active play. We have since decided that with the finishing of my sewing room in the basement this fall that the girls will not longer be sharing a room. Lindsey will move into the former guest/sewing room. Since we don't often have guests we decided its silly to have a dedicated guest room. We will, instead, displace Allison from her room when we do have guests. She'll either start sleeping on the queen bed in the current guest room or we'll trundle her daybed with a 2nd twin mattress, so that we can still accommodate guests.

Fringe benefit to this decision: I get to have fun designing and decorating another kids' room! Yay!


Estelle said...

Ha ha! I hear ya! We recently decided to switch kid rooms around, and one of the primary reasons I agreed (which includes the end of Connor's amazing Egyptian room - sniff sniff) was getting to design 2 new kids rooms! FUN!!!!!!! And I did the same thing - converted our guest room into a bedroom for Noah, turning that one into a monster room. Turns out our guests love it.

Rosie said...

I saw the monster room (I may have spent an evening back-blog-stalking you... ) and LOVE it. :) I'm thinking about jumping on the cute owl bandwagon with Linds' room. Although Brian did request that we paint her room a gender neutral color (what? the lilac in teh girls room isn't neutral?) just in case we do another room shuffle or add another kid someday (WHAT? We're not done?) :)