Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carter's First Day

Carter started school this year too. When Allison was 3 we did Joy School. But with Carter being 3, Brian helped me decide that putting Carter into preschool would be a better choice for us. Joy school with three-year-old boys just sounds hard. He is attending Faith Lutheran Nursery School, which is right around the corner from our house. They even run an afternoon program for 3s, so twice a week I've got both Carter and Allison in school while Lindsey takes her afternoon nap. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself with 5 "mommy hours" per week... I haven't had regular "mommy hours" since Allison quit napping 2 years ago.

Anyway... here are pictures from Carter's first day. Exposures are a little weird on some... I'm still learning my new pretty, pretty, fancy camera. :)

 Carter's favorites. :)


 When we got to school they gave him something to color. Shortly after I took this picture he looked up at me and said "Hey! School's fun!" I wonder what he was afraid if would be like...

All done! He colored the whole thing blue... see the favorites picture about if you can't figure out what this kid's favorite color is.

After coloring they got to do free play. Carter found a digger and a dump truck and was pretty much in heaven. :)

 We found his hook for his backpack, too. After that, it was time to go home (it was just a short, meet-the-teacher day). He can't wait to go back. :)


BeckyMc said...

His backpack looks like he could take it on a 50 mile hike! So cute!

Estelle said...

Awwwww, I spy Mrs Ordway! Is Mrs Spink his teacher? They were fabulous teachers in Shelby's class last year. Now, every day Shelby comes home and complains that in her new preschool they don't get to play enough and she begs to go back to Mrs Spink's class.

And I Loooooooooooove the chalk on the driveway idea. Might steal that from ya next year!

Rosie said...

It is Mrs. Spink & Mrs. Ordway. I've heard only good things about them from everyone who I'd talked to about Faith Lutheran. :)