Saturday, September 8, 2012

This one's for the Grandmas, mostly.

This is probably so long-awaited that you may have forgotten I promised it. Remember how, in June, my little 6 year old camera started refusing to release photos and videos from its dirty little data-card clutches on random, incomprehensible whims? No? Its been plaguing me all summer...

Anyway, one of the hostages was the video from Allison's dance recital in June. Today, I finally got a data card reader and rescued the hostages. And, since yesterday saw the arrival of a nice, pretty, new-to-me DSLR, so the chances of a precious picture every being held hostage by that little Nikon again are pretty slim.

So, without further ado... "Shine". Allison is in the middle wearing the yellowing "skirt"


Mellifluous Mommy said...

Very cute! And it looked like she knew her routine so well: it seemed like a lot of the time the other girls were taking their cues from her.

Glad you've banished your Smeagol of a camera. Happy shooting! :D

BeckyMc said...

This grandma and grandpa thank you! When Allison's mom was in The Sleeping Beauty ballet she was the one who kept all the other girls in line.