Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ABC Book Poem

Several people have asked for the poem I used on the ABC Book I made for Allison, so I figured i should post it. Feel free to use it for your own personal use and change whatever you don't like!

A is for atonement, my Savior made for me,
B is for baptism, when I reach the age of accountability
C is for church, on Sunday I will go,
D is for daddy, he loves me so.
E is for earth where I came to live,
F is for family where I learn to love and forgive.
G is for grandparents, who keep me amused,
H is for handcarts the pioneers used.
I is for Israel, twelve tribes in all,
J is for Jesus Christ, who saves me from the fall.
K is for kneeling in fasting and prayer,
L is for love, showing you care.
M is for mommy, she always loves me,
N is for Nephi, who lived faithfully.
O if for obedience and following God’s ways,
P is for prophet, I’ll do as he says.
Q is for quiet, be reverent and still,
R is for resurrection, live with God again I will
S is for scriptures, do what they say,
T is for temple, I’ll go there some day.
U is for Utah, where the pioneers came,
V is for vision, the first one by name.
W is for word of wisdom, it keeps us strong
X is for eXaltation, join the heavenly throng.
Y is for you, a precious child of God
Z is for Zion, get there by holding the iron rod.

Please note that while I do not mind if others use my poem for personal use, it is copywrited. It is not to be used for profit of any kind.


Bonnie Parks said...

I love it! I want to do it. Add another thing to my project list.

Barbaloot said...

That's amazing! Did you make that up? One day when I have my own kids...

April said...

I used your poem and made an ABC book for Breea's half birthday (which is TOMORROW--how did THAT happen?). It turned out so cute! I'll post some pictures and add a link to your poem. Come check it out!

Montay said...

I found your poem from McIllece family and I love your poem you NEED to put these up on Esty before someone else does they are so dang cute !!!