Friday, January 4, 2008

One of my new goals

I've seen a lot of people on blogs that I look at putting together monthly menus. I've started to think that this is a really good idea for me to try. I used to be SO good about cooking... but then Brian and I took a management job, which stressed me out. And then I got pregnant with Allison, which made me dislike food and the smell of food for a while. Needless to say, I'm not nearly as good at cooking dinners as I used to be. So, this is my attempt to try and get back on track cooking dinners, keep our grocery budget to a reasonable amount and reduce the amount we are spending eating out. So, here's January!

Sunday's (Crock Pot Night)
6 - Creamy Salsa Chicken
13 - Beef & Potato Casserole
20 - Chili
27 - Pot Roast

Monday's (Mexican Night)
7 - Tortilla Stack
14 - Chicken & Green Chile Enchiladas
21 - Tacos
28 - Spoon Tacos

Tuesday's (No Theme)
1- Chicken Pockets
15 - Lemon Chicken
22 - Chili Pasta Skillet
29 - Cordon Bleu Quiche

Wednesday's (No Theme)
2 - Ginger Chicken Stir Fry
9 - Macaroni & Cheese
16 - Wontons
23 - Parmesean Chicken
30 - Spaghetti

Thursday's (No Theme)
3 - Oven BBQ Chicken
10 - Eat out (my birthday!)
17 - Lasagna
24 - Chicken & Sun-dried Tomato Fetticuini
31 - Shepherd's Pie

Friday's (Pizza Night)
4 - Frozen Pizza
11 - Homemade Pizza
18 - Pita Pizza
25 - Papa Murphy's Pizza

Saturday's (Soup/Sandwich Night)
5 - Hamburgers
12 - Taco Soup & Quesadillas
19 - Sloppy Joes
26 - Honey Lime Chicken Sandwiches

I would do a left overs night, but those usually get eaten for lunches. I suppose if I rearranged things I could also have an Italian/Pasta night... maybe next month! Hopefully this will be something that works for me. I would call it a new year's resolution, but we all know what happens to those.


April said...

David and I were JUST talking about how I fell off the bandwagon with cooking too. Great idea...I'll have to try it!

Bonnie Parks said...

Rosie, do you read the Mother's Lounge? This is sure sounding familiar to me. :) You have some really yummy stuff on your list that I would have no idea how to make. I am impressed. Then again, unlike you I don't feel like I have ever been that great at making dinners. Sometimes I wonder how Matt and I survive. This month menu thing has helped me a lot. By the way, if you do read the Mother's Lounge and would like to post on there, I'm sure Nancy would not mind at all. You could just tell her you are one of my friends. Heavens, everyone would be excited to steal some of your recipe ideas.

GRaSSE said...

hmmm, you're putting my frozen burritos to shame rosie! :)