Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Allison got to meet her best cousin, Emma, on our trip to Grandma and Grandpa McKee's house. Emma is just 5 days older than Miss Allison. She lives in Iowa, so this is the first time they have gotten to see each other since Emma left Heaven on July 19th. They were throughrouly fascinated with each other. It was SO cute when we let them meet... they both got SO excited and were reaching for each other. Sadly, I didn't have our camera handy to get a video of it. Its amazing how different two babies the same age can be! Allison is a petite little baby (below 25th percentile for height and weight) and Emma is chubby and tall (I thinkk she's over 65th percentile for height and weight). They are both so cute, but in such different ways. They both look like McKee's too... Allison looks a lot like I did (but with hair) and Emma looks so much like my brother Ben.

Ben and Katie left my parents place for Oregon to go see part of Katie's family for a little while before Brian and I left to go home, so we made sure that we said goodbye and gave goodbye kisses before they left... it will be probably 6 months, maybe more, before we get to see them again. This picture was not assisted... All I did was put Allison near Emma's car seat and ask her if she could give goodbye kisses. She leaned in and gave the kiss all by herself. Emma kissed Allison back too... how cute is that?!?
We love you Miss Emma and can't wait to see you again soon!

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