Friday, April 29, 2011


I used to think my mom was a little strange for sitting, all by herself, in the car in silence before coming in the house. Somtimes she's just sit in the driveway for 10, 15... 20 miutes. I get it now. Take the silence where you can get it.

Hearing your 2-year-old say words like "abomination" and "destruction" makes the frustration of trying to keep him quiet during 4 verses of family scriptrue study totally worth it.

Carter just learned how to take off his own diaper. As in this morning. Combine that with his prior knowledge of how to take off footie pajamas and it made for an extra load of laundry for me this morning. And an unhappy, favorite-blanket-less kid come naptime (its possible mommy forgot to close the washer lid, so the cycle did not run while we were at church). *sigh* No more footie pjs for Carter...

I'm looking forward to getting our garden planted. We don't get the frost "all clear" around here until after Memorial Day, but I'll probably plant the week after Mother's day anyway and hope for the best. I want to add an extra box and fill it with stawberries this year. I have dillusions of having enough strawberries to make a year's supply of homemade jam... becuase it bugs me that most jams are more corn syrup than fruit in them.

I'm too tired to write a real post. Does it show?


Becky Bell said...

Libby learned to take off her diaper this week too. Not fun. I have to put a onesie on under her pjs every night just to make sure I don't have to wash everything in the morning.
And scripture study sounds like it's really funny.

chapfan said...

Isn't this a real post? It looks very similar to mine lately.... And silence is amazing and very far between. Husbands, at least mine, doesn't understand. I crave time in the car when I can be by myself and just drive.

We were visiting some friends once and the dad had put their youngest to bed. He came out and the mom asked if he had taped the baby in. I was so confused! But it was because the little one had figured out how to take off her diaper, so they duct taped her diaper on every night. Crazy, but effective!

Rosie said...

with Allison we just switched her to pull-ups at night when she learned to take off her diaper. It still takes kids quite a while to figure out how to pull their own pants down, so 2 piece jammies and pull-ups solve the problem pretty quickly.