Monday, April 4, 2011

I {heart} NY

Can I just say that New York is amazing? I took a long weekend off to meet my mom and aunt in Manhatten for a fabric shopping tour through the NY garment district. It was amazing!
Peggy Sagers (owner of Shilouette Patterns and tour organizer) took us to several retailers (including Mood Fabrics!) and designer wholesalers, which aren't open to the public. There was so much GORGEOUS, amazing, DESIGNER fabric. I'm talking fabrics tagged with names like Elie Tahari and Prada, events like "Fall Runway 2010" and "Spring Runway 2011". Chances are I spent too much, but I found some amazing things and I'm all re-inspired to get back to sewing again! I found fabric for a new winter coat, 2 dresses, a few tops, a pair of bermuda shorts and somethings for the kids too. It was so much fun!

And here's part 1 of my haul... including a few piece for my mother-in-law. Can you believe that most of this stuff was actually free? Marcorp (a designer wholesaler... they had the most beautiful Elie Tahari silks in their warehouse!) had a big laundry cart just full of pieces that were going to the dumpster. We were welcome to dig through it and take what we wanted. The grey fabric (future pencil skirt with box kick-pleats in back), black & blue one (either a top or a skirt), the bright pink (hello... play clothes for Allison!), black & orange sheer and the two floral sheers (Mom Thornock... do you want any of the last 3?) in the corners were all free, rescused from the fate of a dumpster.
The big piece of black & purple will be a new dress coat for me, the blue polka dot will be a dress for me and a skirt for Allison, the light fabric (its a striped pale purple shirting weight) will be either a summer skirt or a top for me and the purple & white impressionist floral is for my mother-in-law. I say part 1 because one of the wholesalers we went to had just moved their shop and were not cutting yardage for us, just taking orders that will ship next week. I'll take a picture of that box when I get it... I'm super excited for it. I found some great stuff there...

After 2 days of fabric shopping, we headed to Manhatten for some sight-seeing on Saturday.

We went to Rockefeller Center

And took the elevator to the Top of the Rock

We made our way to the Gershwin Theatre for our matinee of Wicked(Best. Show. Ever!)

Then walked down to Times Square after the show.

It was an amazing weekend away. And I can't wait to go back. So... anyone wanna come visit me and Manhatten? :)


Becky said...

I'm already looking for a midtown hotel!

George said...

Sounds like all of you had a wonderful time. Looks like it is time to update your "contributor profile" for your blog. It still has you in Provo.

Erin said...

I am so jealous!! I have been dying to see Wicked, but through Oct 2012 the closest it is coming it Vancouver, BC and they are already sold out except for the really expensive tickets! I have always wanted to take a trip to NY and catch some shows, do the sight seeing stuff, and would love to do the Garment District tour! Cant wait to see part 2!

Mike and Julie said...

You're offering me fabric and you think I won't take it? ABSOLUTELY! I love fabric! And I love the purple you picked out for me. I can't wait to feel it. Fabric touching is like eating ice cream. Yummy!

Emily said...

What fun! I can totally meet you in NY anytime - for real!

I'm actually planning a trip next month with some friends. Mind emailing me the details of how you got your tickets, how you booked your fabric tour, etc? That would help save me some research.

I can't wait to see what the final products look like.