Sunday, June 1, 2008


My sister-in-law Katie tagged me... here goes!

3 joys: my amazing, sweet and currently much missed husband, Brian; My adorable Allison. Going to the temple (which hasn't happened in way too long)

3 fears: Harm or loss of my family; not knowing the next step; My 5 hour FULL flight to Newark with Allison sitting on my lap

3 goals: Get to the temple monthly once we're back from Germany; Finish my wedding scrapbook before Christmas; Pay off my student loan and the car loan before Brian graduates

3 current obsession/projects: Scrapbooking & Close to my Heart products; getting to Germany this week; Finishing all my half-started projects

3 random facts: I have only spent half of my wedding anniversaries in my husband's company; I feel incomplete if I don't have my toenails painted; We eat pizza every Friday night in our house

I tag Kristi, Liz and Bonnie

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I'll babysit for you anytime you want to make a trip to the temple. I know you're leaving soon though. Just let me know :-) I'd love to watch Allison. I'm sure you're not really getting much time to yourself before heading off.