Monday, June 30, 2008

Berlin Botanical Gardens

Saturday we went to the Bontanical Gardens. They were beautiful. I had Burchart Gardens in my head, but this was different. Most of it was much more natural and wild, less manicures and landscaped. Their green houses were awesome though. Thats where we spent most of our time. Anyway, we took some great photos. This is my favorite one that Brian took... he's getting pretty darn good with that camera...

And this was one of my favorites that I took. They had tons of water lillies, which I loved. However, I don't know what that gross looking thing is near the lilly... I totally didn't even see it when I framed the photo in the lens. Oh well.

Allison did really well Saturday. She only took one short nap but she was so happy and fun. She loved walking through the gardens and seeing all the pretty flowers. It rained too, but she loved it. She's a true Seattle girl.
She did get kind of tired and loopy though. Like her mom, she gets silly when she's tired... we got a cute video of it.

The whole trip tuckered her right out... I can't remember the last time Allison fell asleep in her stroller.

All in all, it was a really great way to spend a Saturday.


Emily said...

Sounds like you're having a great experience. The summer is going fast so enjoy yourself while you can. I can't believe how much Alison is changing!

Chad said...

Well, it looks like you are doing great out there in Germany. I am glad that you are having such a good time! Bri, I got a piece of mail for you. Write me an email -

Love you guys!

GRaSSE said...

Rosie you amaze me, braving the other side of the world with a child. Beautiful pictures, beautiful baby, beautiful family. Aw.