Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daily Life in Berlin

Its certainly an interesting switch for me. Not only did I go from working mom to stay home mom for the summer, I am staying home in a foreign country where I don't speak the native language. Let's call it an adjustment.

Allison and I try to get out everyday, either between nap and lunch, or nap and daddy coming home. Allison loves to take walks and see people, and its good for me too. We take walks into the Tiergarten (Berlin's answer to Central Park... we can be in it in a short 3 minutes walk from our apartment), we head to an internet cafe every few days and we go to the market every few days (European's have small frigdes... about half the size of a small one by American standards). Usuallz a trip out will take us at least 2 hours. I go three metro stations away for the market (its the closest of the really cheap one that I like) and at least 2 metro stations away for an internet cafe. Its good for us to get out.

In the down time at home, Allison has been absolutely entralled with the large mirror-doored cabinet in the living room of our flat. Narsacistic much? Yes, she is kissing her reflection.

She has also been pretty intent on the daily unpacking and inspection of her clothes.

We've really been lucky with the flat we ended up in. The couple we're renting from is inredibly nice and they have a three year old, so there are some toys left in the apartment that Allison has enjoyed playing with. Thats been a real life saver for me.
As for me, I've been spending my time working on Allison's birth announcement cross-stitch (I know, she's almost a year old now, but my goal is to finish before her brithday...) and reading. I also should be studying for my level 2 teaching license exam, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to that yet. Maybe when I run out of other things to do... altough I have found two H&M stores in Berlin that sounds like a far more appealing way to waste, I mean spend, my time (and money).
On a side note, Allison has cut her third tooth on the bottom row, and we think she might be teething her top 4 right now... time will tell!

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Nancy said...

Hi Rosie,
Your mom gave me your blog, I just love reading and seeing what you are doing in Germany. What a great adventure. Your little one is darling! Have a wonderful summer, I'll be watching!

Love you,
Aunt Nancy