Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Discoveries in Berlin

This last Saturday we explored more of the city... this time we visited Hauptbanhof (the central train station) and to take photos of the horse sculpture outside. Allison enjoyed crawling around outside for a while. The horse is crayz looking, but it has a neat story. Apparently it was commissioned when the goverment decided to move the capitol to Berlin in 1990. It uses and highlights parts of an old major station and chornicles the railway history in Germany.

While we were there, Brian caught this awesome picture of Allison. Isn't it amazing?

We also went to visit the Neptune Fountain. Allison loved that. She had a lot of fun playing and crawling around the water.

We also visited several churches. One was full of statues and was just gorgeous inside, one was ancient and had an amazing, gorgeous organ, one was recontructed and preserved in its post-war bombed out state... that one was really amazing. They took the pieces of the frescoes and mosaics that covered the walls and ceilings and pieced them back together where they could. But, I didn't bring those photos along with me... guess you'll have to track me down when we get home to see those. =)

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emruth said...

Great photos! How fun! Is she full on crawling yet?