Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lego Land Discovery Center

While dragging the kids around to run Saturday errands at The Home Depot, we were given an advertisement for Merlin Entertainment Groups. They're the people who own and operate Madame Tussades, Sea World and Lego Land. The ad was a "Kids Go Free" promo, so we decided to take our kids to the newly opened Lego Land Discovery Center in Yonkers this summer.

They loved it. Brian and I decided that it probably wasn't worth the 4-hour one-way drive JUST for Lego Land, but as a part of a larger trip to the city it would be totally worth it.

The Discovery Center is like a Lego-themed children's museum. Lots of interactive exhibits. Lots of big Lego builds. Lots of building stations. A few rides, a "4-D" interactive movie... lots of fun for kids Carter and Allison's age. If we lived closer, it'd totally be worth an annual pass, I think.

 In the "Lego Factory"

Mini-Manhatten... made from Legos!

 Puppy love!

 Its probably time to get our Duplo back out from the basement... 

Carter could do this all day some days... just sit and build.


Ethan Marcotte said...

Very cute images. I like the merlin's apprentice ride and the factory tour.

laura said...

Holy cow, they're so big! Cute kiddos.