Monday, October 28, 2013

Where've I been?

Busy. Going crazy. Losing my mind, and generally engrossed in this journey called motherhood. Trying really hard to like it, but not succeeding very well...

But while I've been struggling with that, here's what's happening with my cute kiddos (who I love, and even usually like... even when motherhood in general isn't busy being my favorite thing).

1) They started school. About 8 weeks ago, just like the rest of the world. Their mother is, shockingly, not on the ball enough to blog about it in a timely manner. Actually, I blame Facebook. Facebook (and Instagram) makes me less likely to blog, since all my cute photos get shared there first. Speaking of cute photos:

 Favorite Color: Pink - Favorite Food: French Fries - Favorite Book: I-Spy - Favorite Movie: Barbie Mermadia - Favorite Activity: Drawing - Favorite Animal: Unicorn - When I grow up I want to be: An Artist

Allison loves school. She loves it so much that she doesn't even realize she's bored. She pre-tested at the beginning of the school year, which showed her to have a mid to late 3rd grade reading ability and to be "above average" in math. Allison spends a lot of time at school reading and coloring on the back of her worksheets. But she loves her teacher and has made a new "best friend" in class that I hear a lot about. :) She is currently working really hard to earn and save money for the American Girl Doll of the Year, Saige. She's almost there (almost $80 in her piggy bank!).

 Big thumbs up for 5 days a week at the district's UPK program! 

Favorite Color: Blue - Favorite Food: Sandwiches - Favorite Book: Lego Ninjago Encyclopedia - Favorite Movie: Power Rangers - Favorite Activity: Legos - Favorite Animal: Ducks - When I grow up I want to be: the Blue Power Ranger

Carter is really loving pre-K. I was worried that he'd hate 5 days a week, but he likes his class a lot. It helps that they have Legos to use as manipulatives in class, I think. :)  He is making friends and learning names in his class. His teachers are very brave: Carter's class is 18 little kiddos, 14 are boys. Can you imagine trying to run a class with 14 four-year-old boys in it?

Sadly, the only two photos I got of Carter's list is blurry, AND the dates are wrong on both lists (I used last year's file and edited it, but forgot to change the year on Allison's and date on Carter... *sigh*).

2) Allison participated in a little local pageant. Don't judge me. Its not a Toddlers and Tiaras type pageant, its a local, natural pageant focused on building confidence. They are also now doing the local Miss America prelims. :) Allison "won" a princess title in her age category, which is the title they give to all the girls who don't win a Queen title (1 Overall Queen {with the highest score of the day} and 1 Division Queen in each age group). She was thrilled with her title, since it came with the tiara that had the biggest red jewels.

Allison is also going to have her picture featured in a local magazine because of her participation. It hasn't come out yet, but I think it'll be out soon. :)

 Cute girl waiting for crowning. :) 

Princess! :)

Beyond that, we're just trying to survive life as usual around here. Excited for Halloween this week. Maybe I can get those pictures up before Christmas. Maybe... 

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