Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Train, or Not to Train...

Allison is 2. She's really good at it too. I hear most 2 year olds are pretty good at being 2. However, in spite of being 2 and a little young for it still, Allison seems to be showing so many signs of potty-training readiness. In fact, she has even had several successful trips to the potty in the last few weeks.

This thrills me, sort of. I would love to have only one kid in diapers, and I would love to not have to buy diapers for 2 kids. Granted, my 2 kids are wearing the same size diaper (size 3... Allison is a petite little thing, Carter is a chubby-tubby), but still. Anyway, the part that doesn't thrill me, is the part that she seems ready to potty train... and I'm the one who had to train her.

So today, I decided I would try potty training. I had lots of yummy drinks for her, I had peanut butter Ritz Bits to make her thirsty, I have M&Ms and Orange Slices candy for rewards, I had "big girl" underwear and plastic pants... I was ready. But I really don't think today was my day.

She had 2 accidents in 25 minutes. One of them just minutes after I had her sit on the potty. And it was while I was nursing Carter. And she just didn't seem to care much about being wet. And every time I suggested anything about the potty she'd scream and start to throw a tantrum and tell me "no potty." Put it all together and I decided that maybe she's not actually ready yet. I do realize that accidents happen, but it seems highly discouraging today. So I gave up about 2 hours into it.

You wanna know what she did right before naptime? She tells me "go potty first" and runs to the bath room. I help her out of her clothes (she's wearing a onesie and a diaper... I'd given up, remember) and her gets up onto her Dora potty seat and pees. Seriously? I tried for 2 hours this morning only to have 2 accidents and then you do this?

Apparently Allison is actually ready to potty-train, but only on her own terms.


The Thornocks said...

HAHAHA! Oh Allison, you sweet little thing. She really does sound ready. It's a huge pain in the neck, and she's going to scream and whine and pee all over your house, but you have to stick with it and rip your hair out at the same time. Ugh, I 100% completely know how you feel. I think potting training is THE WORST part of parenting. I started potty training Jayden a day after I had Ryleigh (thanks to my mom, ugh!) and Jayden wasn't as ready as I would have liked. Heck, I wasn't ready. BUT, we kept up with it and even though there were times where I sat on the bathroom floor for 2 hours reading books and singing songs while I tried to get her to pee (don't try that one, just let her get off the pot), and there were times that she would sit on the potty for 2 hours, then get off and pee on the floor, and there were times that she would cry and whine about me putting her on the potty, evenutally she caught on and started keeping her panties dry. It's not fun, but it sounds like she's ready, so hold on and keep it up!

Rachel Doyle said...

We are starting the process too -- sounds like we are in for some fun!

We're So Rad said...

Cole is doing similar things which makes me want to potty train him too. He wants to wear pullups but he's only interested in being a big boy when it's bedtime or time for church. So, he wears a diaper under the pullups as a compromise! Isn't it fun!

cbleeflang said...

I'm glad I don't have anyone to potty train and by the time I do, you Rosie will be an expert and I will come to you for advice. :)