Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've been going a little crazy nesting lately. It's really kicked in pretty badly. I'm trying to be all ready and stocked for this new kid. I currently blame the state of my closet on nesting...

Yeah. If you want to know, that is over 550 diapers. Talk about stocking up. But there was a killer deal... combine the sale price on Huggies at Walgreens this week with a $5 manufacturer's coupon with an in-store instant rebate deal... it was kind of a steal for all those diapers. It doesn't seem crazy, until you understand the amount of time I spent in Walgreens and calling Walgreens this week trying to make sure I could get in on the deal (they, naturally, sold out of all Huggies diapers SO fast this week, so I was stalking their delivery truck, and at the store waiting for the diapers as they put them out on the shelves). Sadly, I'm pretty sure if I remember what newborns are like, 550 diapers will probably last us just about 2 months is all.

I think nesting is likely also to blame for he TWO lasagnes (one for dinner, one for the freezer) I made today (not that we can ever even finish one!).

I've also decided that I need and want to learn how to coupon effectively, for diapers if nothing else. I mean, I'm about to have twice as many children in diapers on half the income (okay... I get to keep receiving my paycheck through August, but I'm still freaking out about that whole situation). There just something about getting a steal of a deal that a rush. =)
By the way, for those looking for a deal on diaper, the $5 huggies coupon (along with a $3 one) can be found at You can print 2 from every computer you have access to. Probably the best place to use them now that the Walgreens deal is over is Walmart... my Walmart had the jumbo (small) packs for $9.72... with the $5 coupon you pay on $4.72 for the pack... thats just under 12 cents a diaper for size 3. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with this? I think I need help...


Ry, Tam and Fam said...

That is a lot of diapers! Good for you!

Have you tried Malias site:

She has some great tips and deals she does. I also like Savvy Shopper:
They have free coupon trainings all the time.

You may already know all that stuff, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Susan said...

Yeah, I did that same deal at Walgreens at least 7 times. My closet is so full of diapers. Now I just have to use all of those register rewards in the next 2 weeks. I mostly use . But I also find my own deals. And I am totally obsessed with couponing. People in my ward have started calling me the coupon queen.

Rosie said...

see... when I went through the walgreens deal I used my $10 RR to get more diapers... so I could get 5 packs of diapers for about $15 plus tax (3 with coupons to get the RR, then 2 more with coupons and the RR). It was a steal. I really think that now that I'm not going to be working, I might have the mental energy to put into couponing and making it work. =)