Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Nurse Maid

I have a very sweet little girl. This morning I stayed home from work sick... miserably sick. Brian took advantage of me being home to get a full day's worth of school work in. Before he left, I sent him on a run to Albertson's to get me some Cup O Noodles (I don't really like canned soup) and some fruit bar popsicles. He went ahead and left Allison playing in the front room while he ran out... I was still in bed.
As soon as he left, Allison came running into my room to check on me. She offered me the bottle of juice for her baby doll. Then she brought me in her "baby"... a little pink bear that is one of her favrotie comfort items, and her blankey. She also brought me a bottle of water. Juice, baby, blankey and water were all things that we kept with Allison to help her feel good while she was sick for the last little while. She knew that mommy didn't feel good and was trying to bring me things to make me feel better.
It was sweet, and it made me smile... until the next time I coughed anyway.

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