Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Allison's Early Reading Skills!

Allison LOVE books. She asks us to read a good 20 or 25 books a day to her. She's also good at sitting down and reading to herself. She has a few favorites... She loves "Fancy Nancy", "The Tooth Book" and "The Monster At the End of This Book." Lately, this is what we have been finding when she reads her monster book to herself.

She's saying "the page" on the pages where Grover is shouting about having the pages turned! She shakes the book back and forth because Brian and I tend to shake the book when we read it to her on those pages. I thought it was too cute. Do you think I'll have an early reader?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The reason I scrapbook

There are many reasons why I scrapbook. It gives me a reason and excuse to print off photos. It gives me something to do with the vast majority of them. I remember things better when I've gone through the photos and done a short journal entry about them. I enjoy the process. Its a creative outlet for me. But there is a new reason.

Allison loves to look at her scrapbook album. I don't have a lot of pages done in her album, but she loves to look at them over and over again. She will very quietly sit on mine or Brian's lap, just looking at the pages and naming the people (or objects) in them. She gets so excited when I add a new page to the ablum for her to see. I love that she appreciates her scrapbook. It makes me want to get more pages done for her to see and get excited over.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its a Boy!

No pictures... but we did find out yesterday that we are having a little boy this time around! I'm very excited... especially since I'll have one of each and that way will be able to decide I'm done having kids at anytime without worrying about getting my one boy or one girl... I've already got both!

We're thrilled... plus having a boy this time means mommy gets to go shopping for more baby clothes! =)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrapbook Blog Updates

I posted a couple of new layouts on my scrapbook blog. You should go look at them. I'm quite proud of them and I love to share my artwork. I finally feel like I'm getting good at this scrapbooking thing. Now if I could just get faster...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why didn't I do this last year?

The windows in our apartment, for lack of any better way to put it, suck. They are old, single paned, aluminum framed windows. They are gigantic heat seives in our house. Last year our heating bills got really expensive. When I made Allison's black out drapes last March I learned that black out drapery liner not only blocks out light, but is an insulator.

I've had drapery fabric for about 2 years and finally, yesterday, I made use some insulating drapes for the 8 foot window in our living room. Hopefully it will help keep our heating bill down a little this year, huh? We can already tell it makes a difference... you don't feel the cold air dumping on you when you sit on the love seat! What do you think?