Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black-Out Drapes

Last Monday, it became imperative that I find and purchase a set (or two) of black out drapes immediately. You see, last Sunday we all had the joyous opprotunity to set our clocks forward, lose an hour of sleep and enjoy more light in our evening hours. Sounds well and good, right? I used to think so too. Then I consulted my daughter.

You see, Allison's bedtime is 7 pm. Allison also has a beautiful, 6 foot long window in her bedroom. It spans the almost the whole wall... the whole western facing wall. As you can probably guess, Allison let me know, very loudly, that it was completely unacceptable for her to be put to bed while it was still so light outside, regardless of what the clock said.

Now, black out drapes are pretty prohibitively expensive, but I found a solution... I made mine (and yes, they actually do work)! I found some cute fabric (at the amazing price of $3/yard) and black-out drapery lining fabric (just $5/yard!) at Home Fabrics in Orem. So for $25 and a mere 5 hours of my time, Allison now has some pretty cute black out drapes... what a steal! Not my best construction efforts and I'll probably make some alterations to them eventually, but for now, I love them! Maybe, just maybe, this project will jump start me and I'll actually get the living room drapes and pillow made. I only bought the fabric 2 years ago...

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Lauren said...

Those are amazing! I need to make some for our front room. I don't like that people can see our every move... We have the tallest, widest windows ever.