Sunday, November 16, 2008

The reason I scrapbook

There are many reasons why I scrapbook. It gives me a reason and excuse to print off photos. It gives me something to do with the vast majority of them. I remember things better when I've gone through the photos and done a short journal entry about them. I enjoy the process. Its a creative outlet for me. But there is a new reason.

Allison loves to look at her scrapbook album. I don't have a lot of pages done in her album, but she loves to look at them over and over again. She will very quietly sit on mine or Brian's lap, just looking at the pages and naming the people (or objects) in them. She gets so excited when I add a new page to the ablum for her to see. I love that she appreciates her scrapbook. It makes me want to get more pages done for her to see and get excited over.

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