Monday, July 28, 2008

Number 13

So I told you earlier about 12 reasons Brian and I look forward to home. I forgot one. A big one. Here, in all is glory, is number 13.

Europe is largely un-air conditioned. It hasn't been a big problem... we had a mild summer in Berlin and London is mild by nature, but Paris has been hot. Nigh unto down right miserable. We're talking close to 30° C every day (thats around 85° F for all your non-metric gurus out there) and humid, and the evenings stay very warm. I think it goes without saying that we are so anxious to get back to our nice, centrally air conditioned apartment.

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Vanessa said...

pairs is yucky...but not as bad as italy! it stays just has humid...but into the mid 90's! and all that water reflects the sun...not fun. Are you guys staying in each city for his internship?? or mainly in berlin with trips? sounds fun! go and stand in the "grocery" store door ways- usually those have nice fans.