Monday, July 14, 2008


Thursday nights are free museum night in Berlin's museum district. Brian and I decided to take advantage a few weeks ago and we went to the Altes Museum... its the Berlin Museum of Egyptian Art, which is currently also housed with the Museum of Greek and Roman Art, since they're doing MAJOR contrsuction on several of the buidlings in the museum district. We had a great time, and Allison was a happy girl, even though it meant she got to bed late. Maybe having her favorite blanket along with us helped...

The major attraction of the Egypt exhibit is the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti. It was pretty cool, but then again, what about ancient Egyptian artifacts isn't cool?

One a completly different note, at a completly different kind of museum, I took Allison to the Labyrinth Childrens Muesum and met up with one of Brian's acoustics professors and her kids (yep, small world... they're in Berlin too!). This was a really fun place... tons of toys to play with and a sort of obstable course that kids could ride through on scooters, stilts, mini bikes, wheelchairs... all kinds of fun. Allison like being pushed around the course by mommy, but she wasn't too keen on being dressed up like the crossing guard cop.

We skipped Allison's afternoon nap for that day of fun, but I think she'd say it was worth it!

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