Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Allison's day at the Berlin Zoo

Allison has been begging us for weeks to take her to the zoo. Ever since we got here, its been "Please, please, PLEASE take me to the zoo!" Okay, not really. She can't say any of those words. And she doesn't know what a zoo is. If if she could, and if she did, I'm sure it would have happened that way.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Let me tell you, theres a reason that zoo is famous. Not only is it HUGE, but its really nice. They have very few fences. Most of the outdoor animal areas are enlosed with large ditches and small electric fences where necessary. Allison had a blast.

She got to ride on Daddy's shoulders, which was tons of fun. "This is a way better way to travel than that wheeled thing mom always pushed me around in"

She got to play for a little while a the seal fountain. "Water! Now how am I supposed to get in there?"

She got to get up close with lots of animals.

"This thing looks funny, and it keeps staring at me..."

Her favorite were the monkeys, but I forget to grab on of those photos...

The absolute BEST part of the day, however, was at the aquarium. They have an open air koi pond there and you can touch the fish if you want.

Do you think she liked it? She's the one you can hear laughing... I guess a better question is do you think they liked her? I'm pretty sure that her little fingers looked a lot like fish food to them. Good thing they don't have teeth!

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Vanessa said...

oh my goodness! that is crazy how they are climbing out of the water for her fingers! that's one brave little girl that wasn't scared!