Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thanks, Grandma Thornock!

For those of you who have looked at the link to the Toddler Shirt Dress (thats what I call it anyway) and have wondered if they're really as cute as the tutorial makes them look, the answer is a resounding YES! My mother-in-law saw the tutorial and was inspired... she has made one for each of her granddaughters and they turned out so adorable. Now, granted, I haven't seen any of them except Allison, but just look how cute it turned out!

Thanks, Grandma! We love it!

PS - Pardon and ignore the not so cute mommy in the background... Saturday is lazy pajamas till 10 am day in our house... =)

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Bonnie Parks said...

Btw, Rosie, the toys of Allison's in the mailbox were from me. They were found under the table after the reunion so I dropped them off Tuesday when I was in Provo anyway. Sine you weren't there, I tried the mailbox. I hope you got them. Just in case you were wondering.