Friday, April 11, 2008

More Scrapbook Pages

A few more of my scrapbook page accomplisments from the last week =). Maybe while Brian's gone (since I'll need a project to keep me from going too crazy) I can finish our wedding album in the evenings after Allison goes to bed. That would be a lofty goal...

This page was a redo... I originally did it 8.5x11 before I decided to switch to 12x12. I miss the paper I orginally did this page on, but I like the beach paper with the vellum overlay.

This one is actually 100% done... I think my wedding announcement gets to count at the journaling! I love the background paper... I think that paper it the one I want to be the paper that all my wedding pages have in common.

Again, this one if 100% done... all journaled and everything! I think I'm realizing that I like to have lots of pictures on my pages... embellishements tend to be my downfall and point of frustration. =) Is it creul that I love the photo of her screaming her mad little head off? =)


Bonnie Parks said...

I would be happy to take Allison for a while on the 15th and 22nd. It's so nice (and different than college) to be able to have so much free time. (Not that I'm not busy, just that if people ever ask if I am available to do something at a certain date and time, I'm almost always available. I love it!

Ben and Katie McKee said...

I love your pages! I like how you use different photo sizes...and how you have some square, round, etc. Very clever! I need to work on my scrapbook more. And I think its good that you are working on one for you and brian.
And thanks for your order...I am mailing it tomorrow! And I think you should do the Close to your Heart thing...I think you would make a really good consultant!...I would definitely be a regular customer if you did!

Vanessa said...

I love the pictures focus...the real reason for scrapbooking! they are all adorable! how are you lately?! allison is beautiful! keep scrapbooking- before you know it, there won't be any time to do it! :) cuteness though! keep in touch!!!