Monday, April 21, 2008

More scrapbooking...

My sister-in-law Ashleigh decided that she needed a photography blog... I probably need a scrapbook blog. Maybe when I get back to Europe (since I won't be doing any scrapbooking while I'm there...).
Anyway, last week was my spring break, so I pulled out all my stuff and made a big mess that I left all week long... here's what my mess accomplished.

The Kissing Page: we had SO MANY kissing wedding photos! Title and journaling going in the two blank spots.

Groom Pictures: Title to go across the bottom of the photo on the left page, journaling in the big blank spot on the right

Bride pictures: Again, title and journaling still need to be added. =) Still looking for the perfect fonts for titles on these pages.

The Kissing Game: This layout I did in scrapbook club and finally got some photos on it this past week. I'm not super crazy about my title (I may decide to redo it) but I LOVE the bottom border... the 3 squares without flowers say Happy, Smile and Laugh, which really fits the page if you read the journaling. If I redo the title (which I probably will) I"ll probably have the top title look more like the bottom border...otherwise, this one to totally done!

First visitors: Totally done! Gotta love the photo of Makayla holding a 1 day old Allison. =)

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