Thursday, February 21, 2008


Brian and I have spent our evenings this week "flinging." Or, at least, thats what my mom told me we were doing. It all started in our spare bedroom/Brian's guitar room/Rosie's craft & sewing room. It has never really been organized and I think I finally got fed up. I started flinging... that is, I grabbed a grocery sack and started filling it with things that I decided I did not need or want. Then I did the same in the bathroom (come on ladies, we've all got entirely too many lotions and creams and yummy smelling stuff hidden away in our cupboards). Then the desk... then my closet... the the book cases... I couldn't stop!

It was amazing! I posted all the stuff I no longer wished for my house on Freecycle (its a give and take Yahoo! group) and today, officially 4 minutes ago, it is ALL gone! I'm so excited! For the first time I feel like my house is really getting clean (well, its been clean... my mom did a great job making sure of that when she was here when Allison was born, but this time I did it) and decluttered and organized! Yeah!!!
Next step: IKEA for organizational tools. I've got my eye on a few of these beauties!


The Bourne Family said...

YAY for organizing!! I need to get back to that. I organize and a few months later it needs it again. Did you post Alison's picture in the WalMart cutest baby contest? I saw a picture on their board that looks a lot like her. If it is her, that would be fun if she won!:)

April said...

FLINGING? Love it. That's my next big project. Tell me more about this yahoo does it work???

Bonnie Parks said...

sounds like me when I'm nesting. Impressive to get that motivated when you aren't pregnant.

Katie McKee said...

oooo...I like those black storage things. I've been looking for some for my scrapbook stuff. There is some good organizer stuff at Anyway, Ben and I have also been "flinging" lately...i love that word. HGTV has inspired us to reorganize and rearrange furniture. That network is addicting.