Sunday, December 9, 2007

Two Discoveries

Discovery #1 - Our digital photo camera takes videos. Now, I actually knew this, but I assumed it took short videos, on the order or 5 - 10 seconds. But I was wrong. Our camera will take videos as long as we have memory for. So, cross "video camera" off my immediate wish list.

Discovery #2 - Allison is tickilish on her ribs, and the ensuing laughter is ADORABLE!


Nicoletta said...

Allison is a doll!! I'm so glad I get to check out your blog now too. Keep the updates and cute videos coming! And of course you can add a link to our blog!


Ashleigh said...

That is my favorite! I love when Ryleigh giggles, too. It's so adorable! Allison is such a sweetie, I can't wait to see her.

GRaSSE said...

awwww!! baby giggles brighten my day. so sweet rosie.


Emily said...

Cute video! She is an absolute doll. You are very welcome to link my blog (not that it will be of much interest until I actually start posting again!)

April said...

Too fun!