Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We had a really lovely Christmas at our house. Here's a recap in pictures and captions. :)


Theres just something wonderful about the late night hours of Christmas Eve, when all the wrapping is done and the tree is ready for the morning. I love to take a few minute to enjoy the peace and the anticipation of the joy the next morning will bring. 

 Speaking of anticipation, I intend to be one of those parents who makes the minutes before being allowed downstairs on Christmas morning last as L.O.O.O.O.N.G as possible. And I intend to enjoy it, too. 

The stockings were carefully stuffed and placed by the chimney on the couch with care (my mantle is way back in the playroom... I'm not braving that mess for Christmas morning!)

And the contents were much enjoyed by children all over the house.

 On to the Presents! We got...
 Ski clothes from Grandma and Grandpa McKee for our family ski trip.

and Legos and Craft Kits from Grandma and Grandpa Thornock...

A baby more interested in the wrappings...
until she realized that there were new, noisy TOYS inside the wrappings!

Santa came through with Hot Wheels Play Sets... 

 and a LaLaLoopsey Doll.
Mommy and Daddy worked hard and managed to finish a doll bed for Allison 18" doll...complete with quilt, mattress, sheets, pillows and pillowcases (I might have gotten a bit carried away...)
 And a hand-made tower crane...

And a tool belt for our Mini Mr. Fix-It. 
An awesome husband gifted a punching bag (its about exercise, not anger!)...

 and gorgeous handmade cutting boards...

And a super-awesome wife gave lots and lots of tools (again! More tools!), of which there are no pictures... (but here he is flipping through the photo book his parents sent... see! He was totally there!)

perhaps I'll take pictures of what he makes with the tools instead (A MASTER BEDROOM SET!!!). And the less-awesome part of the wife also gave some fabric, which was supposed to have been made into a shop apron before Christmas... but its possible that doll bedding took over my brain.

The baby got bored and decided that she'd rather watch from her high chair, munching the snacks Santa left in her stocking.

 And then we pretty much stayed in our PJs, built legos, assembled toys, did crafts and talked to family all day. Hope your Christmas was as lovely as our was.

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