Monday, June 13, 2011

Carter as a GPS

Brian and I about died laughing last night when we had this thought... Carter would be the worst (or most hilarious) GPS ever.

You see, Carter has a man's "built in sense of direction." He is constantly being backseat driver in that car and telling me "Go dat way." Problem comes when I have my own ideas about where we are going.

Carter says turn left, Mommy turns right.

Your GPS might calmly say "Recalculating" if you ignore its directions. Carter screams at the top of his lungs: "NOOOOO!!!!! DAT WAY!!!!!"

And if you continue driving, your GPS will give you a new route that accomodates your disobedience. Carter, however, melts his screams into sobs of "Noooo! I want go dat way!" For the GPS of Carter there is no recalculating.

Just imagine that next time your GPS recalculates. ;0)