Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things of note:

These were probably worth mentioning... but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

*Allison is fully potty-trained, and 98% accident-free. She's also very independant about it... I generally don't have to remind her to go. She'll tell me she has to, then run upstairs and do it all herself. Its wonderful (and it cut my diaper budget in half!). And it was easy... on our third try.

*Carter is walking. He's very cute when he walks, because he's so darned chubby. He sticks his belly out. Its adorable. Sometimes I look around and wonder who dropped their toddler off for me, becuase that can't possibly be my baby.

*We FINALLY managed to get family pictures taken. Sadly, we could not get the kids to sit nicely for a photo together, but we got a few good ones of all 4 of us. I'd call that an accomplishment. I think this one is my favorite.

Next year, I aspire to use a real photographer. But these are good for now.


Christie said...

Such a cute family picture! I love it, you guys all look great.

Becky said...

Where's mine? Very, very cute, and really good of the parents, too.

Rosie said...

At the lab, being printed. I'll email you the low res digital files they emailed me. We just had them done on Saturday. And I made sure to take into account all those who need updated family photos when ordering. :)

emruth said...

Cute cute sis! Love ya!

cbleeflang said...

I think that is a darling family photo!