Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stocking up

So every once in a while, I have to share my shopping adventure and exploits. This one of those times.
My sister-in-law, Katie, taught me the ropes on how to shop ahead for your kids clothes. I've heard of it, I've wanted to do it before, but I've always been faced with the delima that my kids needs clothes for now... how am I suppoed to afford clothes for now and for next year?
This year, my kids are pretty well set for now. So I shopped for next year instead. At Old Navy I shopped their "Additional 50% off winter clearance" sale. Apparently it happens the mid-month January weekend every year. At Old Navy, I was able to get $519 worth of clothes for just $62. Apparently the real trick to this sale is to shop before hand (up to 2 weeks before) while selection is good, then go back with your receipt during the sale and get a price adjustment.

For Allison: 3 pairs jeans (one of them for right now), 2 pairs fleece pants, 1 pair black pants, 1 pair brown cords, 1 fleece half-zip sweater, 1 chunky white turtleneck sweater, 1 hooded pink sweater, 4 turtlenecks, 5 longsleeved t-shirts, 1 velour dress, 1 puffer vest, 3 skirts.

For Carter: 1 puffer coat, 1 shortsleeved t-shirt, 1 long sleeve polo, 1 sweater, 1 pair jeans, 1 paid khakis, 1 pair black cords, 1 set PJs
At JC Penney I shopped their 75% off year end clearance, which happens every January. Not all the prices were fabulous, but I was still able to get some good deals.

For Allison: 1 Sunday dress (for now... it was so cute!), 1 denim skirt, 3 longsleeved t-shirts, 1 half-zip fleece pullover, 3-in-1 systems coat, brown shoes, Ugg-style boots (these are actually from ON)

For Carter: 1 pair khakis, 1 longsleeved onesie, 1 longsleeved all-in-one outfit, 3 long sleeved shirts

The The Children's Place, it was the Monster Sale, but not until very near the end. I waited until this week and all clearance items (except winter coats) were marked down to $2.99. WOW!

For Carter: 1 zip-up hoodie, 1 fleece jacket, 3 longsleeved t-shirts, 2 sweaters, 3 pairs pants. I also got a pair of cords and a hooded cardigan sweater for Allison there too.

In total, I got nearly $1000 ($985) in new clothes for my kids for next year for just $175. That represents an 82% savings off the retail price. WOW!!!
Now, provided that my kids actually fit into my estimates of how big they'll be in 10 months (I'm mostly worried about Allison... I bought her 2T because I just can't image her being over 30 pound before the end of next winter), we should be all set for next year's winter clothes.
Oh, and lets just say I'm hooked, and I know how I'll be spendingmy kids' clothing budget from here on out. Can't wait for the summer version of those sales come July! =)
*Disclaimer: Yes... I do realize that I'm a complete and total nerd. =)*


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie!

Good for you! That's amazing! I've heard of that before, and have always wanted to try it. Maybe I'll mark my calendar for this July. I can see where that would be so helpful to our family, as kids head into school, and need school clothes. I've always wondered, though, how do you know what will be part of the clearance sale? Is it the stuff that is already marked on clearance, and then it gets marked down more, or do you just take a stab and what looks winterish? How do you know what will be marked lower?

Congrats on your cute finds!
David's sister

Rosie said...

Hi Shonda. =) Everything was already marked on clearance (well, most of it). At TCP its little white stickers, at ON its orange ones. When it doubt, ask for a price check. At ON they also put all the stuff together (mostly) and sign it as clearance. JCP is pretty well signed too. My favorite blog to check out for these kind of deals is She tracks the sales and lets you know when they ought obe coming up... check her "forecasts" at the beginning of each month. I think the summer sales start in June and get good in July.

Vanessa said...

not a total nerd! that's how I shop! old navy also has amazing deals just before/after halloween...for their summer/fall stuff. i always stock up on summer stuff then! gotta love the 50% off clearance! I HATE buying clothes at regular price!!! and that's great cause now you have one of its an investment too! check out kohl's online after their back to school...and their stores in july for great jean sales!

emruth said...

Way to go sis!!! I'll have to learn that trick when we have kids. :) Miss you too!!! I'm trying to convince David to go to New York, but I can name a long list of people that would not be happy with that idea (#1 being mom! both daughters across the country, definitely not her first choice). Love you lots!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rosie!