Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Pictures


Allison started Nursury (HALLELUJAH!) and fell in love with the Nursury Manual.
Brian continues to stay home mornings with Allison while I worked... and he even learned to do her hair. =)


Carter joined our family.

Maternity leave! My mom came to stay and help with Carter. It was wonderful to have her (and yes, for some reason is the best photo of I have of Mom and Carter that isn't in the hospital... oh well!).

I worked my last day as a junior high school teacher to stay home with the kids full-time. As an added perk, I started enjoying sleeping in again... I have a great husband! =)


Nice weather and a stay-home mommy mean that Allison learns the joys of feeding the ducks (frequently!) at BYU's Botony Pond.


Allison turned 2... is that possible?


Brian walked at BYU commencement for his Master's Degree. Allison (and the rest of us) was very proud of him.

Carter moved from infant-blob to playing baby, and started solid food, which he loves. The spoon has become one of his favorite toys.


We had a fun Halloween. Allison loved being dressed up at Cinderella and really understood the whole trick-or-treating concept this year.


Emily got married. I was sick that weekend (and the week before it and the week after it too), but she made a beautiful bride, it was a beautiful wedding and she and David are so perfect and so happy together.

We took the kids to see Zoo Lights at Pt. Defiance and we all enjoyed it, in spite of the cold weather.

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