Monday, June 8, 2009


Something, don't ask me what, but something is telling me that Carter might end up being a finger-sucking baby and toddler. Everytime I look at him, if he's lost his binky, he looks like this:

What do you think? Am I crazy, or is there something to that feeling?

By the way, check out that thigh roll! Carter is getting CHUBBY! At his 2 month appointment her was already 12 pounds and I need to take in 4 packs of size one diapers to exchange for size 2s! And he's trying so hard to laugh... its adorable.


Marc and Lori Johnson said...

Oh my word! He really is so adorable! I love the chubby legs and the finger sucking! What a doll!

We're So Rad said...

Guess what. He's as big or bigger than Cole was at that age. Watch out cause he's still packing on the pounds...29 at last check! At least they're cute, right?!

cbleeflang said...

Glad we got to see eachother! I know nothing about children or fingers :)