Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frustration Revisited

I went home this weekend. One of my best friend's from high school, Chrissy, got married. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. If you recall, I was frustrated over my apparent inablility to finish making a dress I started a few years ago so I could wear it to this wedding.

Well, I took the dress home at my mom's request. The thought was that we could work on it and get it finished before the wedding. Apparently my mom lapsed on the fact that I have a 1 year old... needless to say we didn't even touch the dress. I did, however, leave it at my mom's hoping that she can finish it and make it look as nice as it does in my head. I wore a cute little number that my little sister had made a few weeks eariler (which made me jealous and slightly more frustrated).

So... here's my game plan. I'm going back to square one. Several years ago I made a cute black jumper that I really like. It no longer fits super well in the bodice, so I think I'll get some fabric and make another one of those jumper. A tried-and-true pattern working out could help me get my bearings and confidence back. Then I'll probably work on some small projects and garments for Allison. I have fabric and a pattern for a cute little dress for her. My mom also told me to try Burda patterns (apparently they tend to be more true to measurement than McCalls/Vogue/Simplicity/Butterick), and to try my hand at flat pattern measurements, to make sure I'm not being lied to. I'm also thinking that if I want to make nice things for myself, I need to take the time to do a fitting muslin. Hopefully, when I'm ready to get back on the horse, all this will help me get the results I want.

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