Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Follow the North Star" Recital

Allison has once again spent the year in ballet lessons. Her recital was last night and it was wonderful. I can't being to say how much I think of the women how run Light of the World Ballet School and company. They are amazing and inspired and really do bring the Light of Christ to the people and places they visit.

Last night's recital was a story ballet based on Harriet's Tubman's operation of the Underground Railroad. Allison's Ballet 1 class portrayed water and danced to "Wade in the Water." I got about half of their dance on video before the camera battery died... I feel lucky that the dying battery didn't corrupt the file! Allison is the one on the far left of the video that runs on last just as it starts. She's also the littlest. :)

AND, I got lots of photos too. I tried to balance getting photos with actually watching her dance with my own eyes, not the camera lens. :)

 coloring in the dressing room. She was excited for this... :)

And now with her friends.

 Allison's class with her teacher, Miss Alyssa

I was so proud of Allison last night. For the first time, she was nervous about going on stage this year. We talked about her feeling and how it was okay to be a little nervous. We talked about how she loved dancing and that I knew she would do the best job she could. I could tell from the smile on her face that she got over her nerves and really enjoyed preforming.


 Opening number

I really love watching that little girl dance. It brings me so much joy. And I am so glad for the special moments we got to have together last night talking about her nerves and her love of dance, and my love of seeing her dance. It was a really special night for our relationship, I think.

 "God's gonna trouble the water!"

I love this photo. Look at that great 1st position... and her arms look beautiful. And that SMILE!

Running off stage. I'm pretty sure that her class lost track of where they were in the dance (it was very forgiving music, and they could be completely lost in the choreography and still look like they knew what they were doing)  and has to be encouraged off stage by the company member in the photo here.
 Closing number, "We Are (the Light of the World)"

 So proud of our little girl. :)

Happy girl. Feeling good about her performance and SO happy to be given flowers. :)

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Kate said...

Looks fun! You can tell she's really enjoying herself. Our little girl is loving dancing lately. We need to find a dance studio for her to go to so we can have fun nights like this.