Saturday, March 16, 2013


Out here, Rochester is kind of the place to be. Better restaurants, awesome kids museums, close to the temple... all sorts of good things!

Over Christmas break (yes, I'm still trying to catch up!) we took the kids for a little 2 day trip to Rochester. We hit up the Science Museum and the Museum of Play. It was two kid-focused days and helped break up the winter break. But next time, I'd like to take after my friend Estelle and run away to a craft/home dec store while Brian does the museum with the kids... we'll see how that goes over.

Warning: Picture overload ahead. Hope you think my kids are cute... cause I took SO many pictures. 

 Digging for Mastadon bones...

 Allison got to be a special helper in an electricity demonstration, because she was wearing light-up shoes. She thought that was pretty fun... :) 

 Carter with a Devonion era fish fossile replication... I know I used to know the name of this creature back before my children stole all my knowledge.

 Lindsey enjoyed it too... she was trying to do what the big kids had done. 

 Daddy explaining how the solar cars worked

 Carter digging up dino bones. I LOVE this picture. 

Oh no!

 T-rex! Run!!!


 Lindsey loved the reading pit.

Climbing the obstacle course
 Racing at the Museum of Play

 Making constellations at the Dora Exhibit

 Lindsey like "planting flowers"

 And digging in "rocks"

 Carter planted flowers too.

 Allison made a magic wand

and used the spotting scope.

 Carter's king of the world.
 and a shopping master at the mini Wegmans.

 Mmm... fake food...

 First sliding experience. She loved it!

 Carter did too. And he moved fast, which is why the photo's blurry. 

 Cutest taxi driver ever.

And otherwise, I promise we're not dead over here. Just busy. I swear I've barely had a minute to stop and think for the last few months. And its all my own doing... just call me queen of self-inflicted over-commitment.

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