Saturday, January 28, 2012

Digital Thank You Note

Dear Grandma Becky...

Thanks so much for the adorable pettiskirt. I love it


Love, Allison

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best Way to Nap

Sunday afternoon naps are back at our house... and this is, by far, the best way to enjoy them.

Christmas Recap

We had a happy Christmas at our house. This year was fun because not only did Allison undersyand, but she was EXCITED... as in nearly pushing Brian down the stairs trying to get past him to see if Santa came. I don't have lots of photos (Brian was helping kids while I was mostly nursing Lindsey), but here are a few we did get.

Santa brought Allison a real camera all her own...

Carter was so excited about the firetruck from Grandma and Grandpa

Mommy made Allison 3 new princess dress-ups to go with the Barbies Santa brought

Carter + football = little boy heaven!

The kids big gifts were guitars built by Brian. They love them. Cute little story: We only wrapped the guitar bodies, so the necks were showing. After opening stockings Allison saw the necks and said to Brian: "Oh, Daddy! You're very lucky; Santa brought you TWO guitars!" She was even more excited after we checked the tags and found out that they were not for Daddy. Here's a quick little video of the kids playing with them before moving on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Conversation of the day

Me: Um... Carter, why are you wearing a skirt?

Carter: Because Allison just gave it to me and I put it on.

Me: You know that boys don't really wear skirts, right?

Carter: Well, I don't want to talk about that right now.

Cute, funny kid.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wanna Do's

New Year's Resolution time, right? I'm not very good at resolutions, but I have been thinking about things that I would like to do this year. More like habits I would like to establish. Here are just a few thoughts about things I wanna do this year...

Read more
A few books on my list are:
*Book of Mormon at least once
*10 Habits of Happy Mothers
*Love & Logic Magic
*Parenting with Love & Logic

Anyone have good fiction recommendations for me?

Sew & create more
I have a HUGE list of projects that I want to do... the things below are just the projects that I know I have supplies for off the top of my head. Its kind of scary long if you ask me... I would really love to try and tackle one project per week. Thats seems realistic enough without being overwhelming.

*Beanbag chair (Carter)
*"PLAY" canvases (playroom)
*Book slings (girls room)
*Drapes (master bedroom)
*White Button-up (Allison)
*Red Wool Dress Coat (Allison)
*Angelina PJs (Allison or Lindsey)
*Rapunzel PJs (Allison or Lindsey)
*Covered Art Supply boxes (Carter and Allison)
*Rapunzel dress-up (Allison)
*Sleeping Beauty dress-up (Allison)
*Winter yarn wreath
*Herringbone pencil skirt (me!)
*Yellow summer dress (me!)

And the sewing projects listed here probably don't even encompass a third of the fabric I have stashed away. Oh... and the girls are absolutely going to need some matching summer wardrobe something. :)

House projects
We've lived here nearly 2 years and are still in the process of making it "ours." Just a few things I'd like to see done by the end of the year...
*Paint away the pink!
*Hallway photo gallery
*Dining & living room drapes
*Recover dining chairs
*Finish a craft room in the basement (okay... this is a honey-do really)
*Paint master bedroom

And, of course, I have the ever ubiquitous goal of eat healthy/exercise more/lose weight/get in shape. I'd love to see my pre-Carter body again by summer. We'll see if I can find the energy or will power to make it happen. :)

What about you... what do you want to do this year?