Friday, January 6, 2012

Wanna Do's

New Year's Resolution time, right? I'm not very good at resolutions, but I have been thinking about things that I would like to do this year. More like habits I would like to establish. Here are just a few thoughts about things I wanna do this year...

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A few books on my list are:
*Book of Mormon at least once
*10 Habits of Happy Mothers
*Love & Logic Magic
*Parenting with Love & Logic

Anyone have good fiction recommendations for me?

Sew & create more
I have a HUGE list of projects that I want to do... the things below are just the projects that I know I have supplies for off the top of my head. Its kind of scary long if you ask me... I would really love to try and tackle one project per week. Thats seems realistic enough without being overwhelming.

*Beanbag chair (Carter)
*"PLAY" canvases (playroom)
*Book slings (girls room)
*Drapes (master bedroom)
*White Button-up (Allison)
*Red Wool Dress Coat (Allison)
*Angelina PJs (Allison or Lindsey)
*Rapunzel PJs (Allison or Lindsey)
*Covered Art Supply boxes (Carter and Allison)
*Rapunzel dress-up (Allison)
*Sleeping Beauty dress-up (Allison)
*Winter yarn wreath
*Herringbone pencil skirt (me!)
*Yellow summer dress (me!)

And the sewing projects listed here probably don't even encompass a third of the fabric I have stashed away. Oh... and the girls are absolutely going to need some matching summer wardrobe something. :)

House projects
We've lived here nearly 2 years and are still in the process of making it "ours." Just a few things I'd like to see done by the end of the year...
*Paint away the pink!
*Hallway photo gallery
*Dining & living room drapes
*Recover dining chairs
*Finish a craft room in the basement (okay... this is a honey-do really)
*Paint master bedroom

And, of course, I have the ever ubiquitous goal of eat healthy/exercise more/lose weight/get in shape. I'd love to see my pre-Carter body again by summer. We'll see if I can find the energy or will power to make it happen. :)

What about you... what do you want to do this year?

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chapfan said...

I pulled out my paper-crafting box the other day for a project and realized I haven't used it in YEARS! My sewing machine came out a few times for mending, one shrug for a YW in our ward, and a mask for someone else as well. Crafting definitely took a back burner this year, but I'd like to see it come back a little more.

Our big project is going to be converting our garage. We'll see how that goes....

Oh, and my kitchen table and chairs need a fresh coat of paint, and my cabinet doors are still patiently waiting for attention. Hmmm, that's more than I want to think about!

Good luck with your list!